Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall 2008 Update!

Our seedlings have survived the hot summer months of June, July and August. We had a minor mishap with our timer and had to reseed many of our yellow cells. Many thanks to Pam Brierre (our lower school science teacher) and her daughter Clare who helped us this summer! We have since replaced our timer and have weeded and sorted our seedlings. They are looking great! We'll be keeping an eye on them until our planting date on November 10.

Last year's seedligs are looking great!

Mrs. Brierre and I were at a planting this summer at Bayou Segnette with Coastal Roots. We saw our that Cypress trees that we planted last fall and they are looking great! Check them out!

Also - Some STM students are featured on the new Coastal Roots poster! Looking good girls!